Castor Studios

Animated Graphic Packs

Looking for material to polish up your games, I present to you my collection of royalty free high quality animated sprites.

Animated Coins Pack 1

A nice selection of animated coins, perfect for casino games...

Animated Explosions Pack 1

Tons of high quality explosive animated fireball sprites.

Animated Explosions Pack 2

A great collection of animated cartoon explosions!

Animated Explosions Pack 3

Go ahead and nuke those pixels back to the dark ages!

Animated Explosions Pack 4

Totally destructive animations...

Animated Fire Pack 1

Don't burn yourself with these animations!

Animated Fire Pack 2

Watch out! These animated sprites are hot!

Animated Flares Pack 1

Dazzle everyone with this set of animated flares!

Animated Flares Pack 2

Watch your eyes! These flares are really bright!

Animated Impacts Pack 1

Add some glass shattering effects to your game...

Animated Muzzle Flash Pack 1

Let the Bullets Rip!

Animated Muzzle Flash Pack 2

Blast Your Way Through!

Animated Smoke Pack 1

Add some depth to your game with these trails of smoke...

Animated Waterfall Pack 1

These animations will add great value to a games environment.

Animated Waterfall Pack 2

Looking to add some relaxing material to your game...